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The first edition of World Bloggers Awards has been a tremendous success

More than 110 million people have been following the first ever World Blogger Awards dedicated to naming the best influencers in the world. Nominees came from the USA, Brazil, FranceUkraine, Russia, Italy, Great Britain,  Lebanon, India, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, UAE, and other countries. Their influence spans through Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. The Awards ceremony was streamed live on digital channels to the global audience with television version coming out soon. 

In Search of Taste Magazine: A cultural retrospective from the world of food and wine

In Search of Taste is the new, quarterly food and wine publication for the culturally conscious. Sumptuously produced, free of advertising and compiled by a host of distinguished contributors, each a scholar in their chosen field, In Search of Taste delivers to its global readership a compendium of stunningly illustrated features surpassed only by its effervescent writing style.

A golden goose that’s set to grow

The rush for risky commodities as investors dump the dollar is only just beginning, says Price Behaviour expert Mike Baghdady...

The traditional financial investment model is broken

If you polled the top 10 financial experts where the FTSE or S&P will be this time next year you will get a range from 3300-5600 or 600-1100 respectively...

The Future Trader: Moving Home

There are two main types of professional trader today, but only one will win out in the future...

After Glasgow East – Labour needs to keep the Heid

It wasn't an earthquake. It wasn't a seismic shift. It was a by election - and by elections are like that. So what should Labour learn from it?

Cuba supports press freedom

Cuban and South American journalists have gathered to honor the 50th anniversary of the death of the last journalist killed in Cuba.

European firms have double standards in foreign dealings

Major European firms are the main culprits of bribery and corruption abroad...

Side-effects of private education

Public boarding schools are some of the best schools in Britain, but as a system to grow up in, they cannot be reduced to numbers and tables...

Eating disorders plague British universities

The size zero debate rages on, yet the details are as slim as the models. Just who are these 'young girls' who are susceptible to eating problems, and what lies behind their disordered eating?


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