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Chariots of Fire - The forgotten facts

As Chariots Of Fire returns to cinemas in the UK this weekend, film critics & the media appear to have forgotten that without the financial involvement of Mohamed Al Fayed, Chariots Of Fire would never have been made!

FilmJuice launches FilmJuiceDating – the online dating site for single people who love film

Pushing the boundaries of conventional dating websites, FilmJuiceDating not only match-makes single film lovers, but they team up with the likes of the British Film Institute to offer its users free film tickets, daily celebrity dating gossip, film features and dating tips.

Thai Night at the American Film Market 2011, Thailand Comes to Hollywood

The American Film Market is being held from November 2 - 9, 2011 Santa Monica, California. The event will showcase Thailand as a premiere destination for Filmmakers.

Bollywood Stars Film at Trinity College Dublin

Two of Bollywood’s biggest stars, Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan, commenced filming in the University of Dublin, Trinity College ( this month (September) for the first Bollywood blockbuster to be made in Ireland.

Quench Your Movie Thirst is proud to announce that it is one of the sponsors of the third The London Screenwriters’ Festival.

FilmJuice teams up with BFI for website relaunch

With over a year in gestation since FilmJuice came online in Feb 2010, FilmJuice relaunches this week and celebrates by teaming up with the British Film Institute, to give away no less than 18 prizes for 18 lucky winners.

Ten years later, ‘The Big Lebowski’ still abides

The Coen brothers just won four Academy Awards for "No Country for Old Men," but longtime fans are busy celebrating another landmark in the filmmakers' career: the 10-year anniversary of "The Big Lebowski," a film that has achieved cult status among devotees.

Recent 'chick flicks' are not just for girls

More and more guys are becoming fans of so-called “chick flicks.” Recent studies show men enjoy them almost as much as women, and their enjoyment is higher if the movies involved are presented as fantasy rather than based on facts.

Can catgirls save the troubled US anime industry?

Drastic declines in DVD sales - from $550 million to $350 million in 4 years - mean trouble for the US anime industry.

While they were out, striking writers kept writing

The 100-day writers' strike provided just the free time and creative stimulation writers needed to resurrect back burner projects and develop new material, but it isn't destined for your TV.


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