SOS from an Indian ed with 24 yrs

Hi! I WANT TO GET PRINTED! But this is not meant to solitict for a job. I am sorry for intruding on your space. I am an Indian editor with 24 years experience having worked out of three cities in the country. I want to relocate in the UK with a medium with which I can reinvent myself, facing and, hopefully,breaking new challenges. I have been editing the Calcutta Times (circulation 1,60,000 daily) , which is the Calcutta city-centric supplement of the Times of India, which has a daily nationwide circulation of 25,00,000 daily. On top of that, I was promoted as Sr Asst Editor ( National) of the Group in August. I would be happy to write for you provided you give me the chance. Money is no issue. Any byline in your site will do me loads of good. Hope to hear from you. Abhijit Dasgupta Calcutta India Abhijit Dasgupta Calcutta India * In a different mail, I am sending you some stuff that I have written over the last one year. May be, the CV and those stories may help me break into UK journalism?