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Metail announce partnership with The Aditya Birla Group for - India’s premium online fashion destination - allowing users to try on clothes online for the first time in India

Cambridge, London and Singapore based fashion technology company, Metail, has announced a two year contract with the Aditya Birla Group as they launch – all about fashion, extending Metail's reach to India. The Aditya Birla Group is a US $41 billion (Rs. 2,50,000 crore) conglomerate in the League of Fortune 500.

Automotive Cyber Security Forecast 2015-2025: Software, hardware-based solutions and security frameworks for Connected Cars

Auto2x assesses that in the wake of the recent car hacks by cyber security researchers and US Senator Markey's report on the vulnerability of modern vehicles to malicious attacks, Automotive Cyber Security will unfold as the key topic in OEMs and suppliers’ agenda for the immediate future.

Valoya联合微软共同推动玛丽皇后大学的研究项目 实现了农作物的更高产出


Valoya entraîne de meilleurs résultats pour la recherche agricole de l’Université Queen Mary, en partenariat avec Microsoft

Valoya (Helsinki, Finlande), un des leaders de la production de systèmes lumineux perfectionnés pour plantes, a travaillé avec Microsoft Corp. pour créer un système de lumière de pointe, en utilisant les DEL  améliorées de Valoya, Microsoft Azure, et la technologie  Internet-des-objets (IdO) de Microsoft Azure.

Valoya sorgt für die Forschung der Queen Mary Universität in Zusammenarbeit mit Microsoft für höhere Erträge landwirtschaftlicher Nutzpflanzen

Valoya (Helsinki, Finnland), ein führender Anbieter fortschrittlicher Pflanzenbeleuchtungssysteme, arbeitete gemeinsam mit Microsoft daran, die nächste Generation modernster Beleuchtungssysteme zu entwickeln. Dabei wurden hochentwickelte LED Lichter von Valoya eingesetzt, genauso wie Microsoft Azure und die Microsoft Azure Internet-of-Things (IoT) Technologie.

Valoya colabora con Microsoft para la investigación de Queen Mary University en el aumento de cosecha en cultivos agrícolas

Valoya (Helsinki, Finlandia), un proveedor importante de sistemas de iluminación de plantas, trabaja con Microsoft Corp. para inventar la próxima generación de sistema de iluminación, utilizando las luces avanzadas de Valoya, Microsoft Azure y la tecnología de Microsoft Azure Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Valoya drives Queen Mary University’s research into higher yields in agricultural crops in collaboration with Microsoft

Valoya (Helsinki, Finland), a leading provider of advanced plant lighting systems, worked with Microsoft Corp. to create next generation of state of the art lighting system, using Valoya’s advanced LED lights, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology.

Major Breakthrough in Ammonia Control for Waste Water Treatment

They say you can’t teach an “old dog new tricks” ... but a small Bio Tech company in Dublin, Ireland is about to change all that with the introduction of Advanced/BIO HN.

Euro IT Group Enters European Nearshore IT Outsourcing Market with a 600-strong base of IT professionals

Euro IT Group today announced the launch of its operations within the UK and Western Europe. Euro IT Group is a premier technology consulting firm with a unique group structure and a holistic perspective across technologies and industry verticals.

Firstcall wave goodbye to old boiler controls

Internet connected smart home heating and hot water controller gives full control from anywhere around the world using an internet connection and a compatible application for a smart phone or tablet.


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