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EUROMOVERS gives Scottish homeless people a fresh start

EUROMOVERS, the global moving network, supported the FreshStart charity in Edinburgh, Scotland, during its annual conference held in the city in May.  The network, supported generously by its membership, raised a total of €2,250 for the charity through a lottery in which delegates competed to win a range of lovely prizes including, of course, the odd bottle of Scotch.

Chopstix Group UK Launches First Franchise Restaurant in Münster, Germany

Chopstix Group UK, the accessible Oriental quick service restaurant brand, launches today in Münster, Germany with franchise partners Westfalen AG and local forecourt operator Jörg Binding offering their customers the delicious Oriental fusion food for the first time on mainland Europe with a second site already in planning. This is the second European launch following the tremendous success of Applegreen’s launch of the Chopstix brand in Southern Ireland in 2015.

SH Group learning from UK insurers failed experience

There is a new study found that insurers can only answer 30% of Facebook, 25% of Twitter and 23% of e-mails queries. Yes, the data is not very good, but if we compare them with last year's numbers, the data is even worse.


 European Publishers Council’s Executive Director Angela Mills Wade said: “Today, Thursday, 8 June, MEPs voting in the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO), took a golden opportunity to do the right thing and vote for a copyright proposal that acknowledges the role that press publishers play in our precious democracy by investing in a free and independent professional press”.

Is uncertainty the key to success?

The traditional view is that business abhors uncertainty. Stability allows companies to plan and grow, whereas unpredictability makes them hunker down, avoid spending - and wait. But for MACS Software in Lutterworth, the opposite seems to be the case. In fact, for some of MACS’ customers it might be that very uncertainty that helps them to expand their operation.

PSI Services LLC acquires a&dc Ltd, leaders in behavioural assessment and development

PSI Services LLC (PSI), a global assessment provider, today announced that they have acquired Assessment & Development Consultants Ltd (a&dc), a leader in behavioural assessment and development with a multitude of products that enhance recruitment decisions and development outcomes.

PICTURES: Polyus, Russia’s largest gold miner and top 10 global gold producer announces intention to float on London Stock Exchange today

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Green Motion car hire continues its network expansion within Greece

International car rental company, Green Motion, which opened in Greece in 2014, has continued its network expansion in Greece with the most recent opening supporting Kalamata International Airport.

Asian Philanthropist Helps Restore Italy's Artistic Heritage

Italy is home to many historical sites, including ancient Roman villas, palaces, monuments, castles, Renaissance squares and fountains which are slowly crumbling to ruin amid neglect and lack of money. A recent report by The Straits Times stated that with the harsh economic times and limited financial resources of its own, Italy is looking to private sponsors to fund the restoration of many of its huge artistic heritage.

Launch of the FoodNexus European Agrofood Start-up of the Year Challenge

Do you want to pitch your food or agrotech start-up to a European audience and work with leading food companies? Then stay tuned for the European Agrofood Start-up of the Year Challenge.


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