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Vanuatu beef for the organic market

Vanuatu has been producing some of the world's best beef for years, but now it is trying to take a cut of the organic market...



Tokyo gets sexy newsreaders on mobile

Japan's king of satellite TV smut brings news read by presenters in bikinis to mobile phones...

Tokyo gets sexy newsreaders on mobile

Japan's king of satellite TV smut now brings news clips read by anchors in bikinis to mobile phones...

Vegas casino sees Singapore split

The arrival of Las Vegas gambling in squeaky-clean Singapore is causing consternation among its conservative citizens...

Foreigners fear for safety in South Korea

The US embassy warns American citizens to stay away from certain parts of the capital Seoul as a homegrown campaign urges foreigners to leave…

Bedroom blogging: China's new web explosion

Chinese internet aficionados saw the popularity of their personal websites rocket after paying tribute to the country's hottest taboo and now it seems everybody wants a go at blogging…

Asia disaster: 'Too few coffins in Phuket'

The earthquake and waves that have claimed up to 77,000 people in Asia have left survivors with a near-impossible job in southern Thailand…

School's out in the land of Confucian

A reporter journeys to the cradle of Chinese civilisation - the hometown of the celebrated thinker, philosopher and educator, Confucius - to sample how his legacy lives on.

Beating 'bird flu' against the odds

Nations hit hardest by 'bird flu' have pledged to develop vaccines to prevent a human-to-human epidemic, but as one reporter discovers, combating the virus is an uphill task.


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